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Life is a constantly changing image. Place to place, a random season. To capture it requires only a mindset to watch, listen and learn. To open one's eyes and feel the moment.


Thanksgiving 2012 with Rochelle

After my big shopping venture to Dickinson for all of the Thanksgiving dinner supplies, Rochelle showed up on Tuesday the 20th, 3:30 pm.  We all had a wonderful several days.  Wednesday, Richard went to work as usual and Rochelle and I baked all day.  Cookies, pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce with dark, sweet cherries, on & on.  Thursday morning we got up early, me at 1 am, Richard at 3:30, Rochelle at 6:30.  Cooking was already well underway and our phenomenal 22 lb. turkey went in at 9:30.  The house smelled so good as we cooked side dishes, made deviled eggs and picked on all the goodies until time to actually eat.  Richard went to pick up Marlene at 3:00 and we all bustled around getting everything to come together at the same time.  We filled the dining table with our blessed meal and enjoyed a fabulous feast.

Friday we went to work with Richard part of the day.  It was pretty relaxed and he was decorating a tractor for he and Rochelle to drive in the Christmas parade in town that evening.  Rochelle also went on some errands with me and got to experience our gracious and friendly town.  I hope she liked our sweet life here 🙂  At 5:15 pm, Richard & Rochelle left to line up for the parade.  I picked up Marlene and we drove over to Main Street and joined the crowd for fireworks at 5:45, tree lighting at 6 and parade right afterwards.  As Richard and Rochelle came past I knew Rochelle was loving it, her smile beaming and waving at the kids!  It warmed my heart to watch her with her big brother in that huge tractor.  She was glowing brighter than that big town tree!

Saturday we went to Bowman to visit with family there.  Started the trip buying a Christmas Tree from the boy scouts and a stand at Alco.  On to Nancy’s, then out to Chris and Dan’s, followed by a trip to Uncle Oscar’s farm (now Blaine’s place).  The guys were all ready to go pheasant hunting and the weather couldn’t have been better.  We got home just after dark and unloaded, shook out and brought in our tree.

Rochelle left Sunday morning after a breakfast of Belgian waffles and strawberries.  Had to get her on the road right didn’t I? After Rochelle was gone, Richard and I spent the day unpacking our Christmas bins and decorating the tree and house.  It looks so pretty with it’s country, Victorian touch to it.  The “kids” played with all the garland and ornaments and wore themselves out!  It was a great week with family, friends and lots of fun and laughter and we are surely blessed to have had such a feast.

Love and blessings to one and all –

A Note…I find myself aggravated because apparently WordPress has decided to change it’s posting abilities and only offers photo gallery style posts now, no more slideshows!  I am bummed.  I liked the neat appearance of the slideshow feature.  UGH….Sigh….  Gallery style uses so much page space.  😦


American White Pelican

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Today I had to go to Mirror Lake & Park to take photos to be included in a grant application for park improvement funds.  The deadline is tomorrow and we have been waiting for days for it to be clear and sunny.  No luck, overcast and rainy, freezing (11 degrees) & VERY windy.  Had to take the pictures today.  I was SO glad I did.  I took photos all the way around the lake of all topics the Park President asked for, when I got to the far side of the lake, I spotted a white bird with a bunch of Canadian geese.  I walked over slowly and happened to catch some nice photos.  Introducing the American White Pelican.

For more information go to:


I hope you all enjoy them…It was a beautiful and magical moment for me.

KX News Fire Coverage


noon news story of fire damage in Bucyrus…


Fire Scare

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Yesterday afternoon, around 3, we heard the firetrucks heading out.  High winds began very early yesterday morning so we knew whatever was on fire was doomed to be serious.  Both for property and for the fire fighters.  By the time Richard got home at 5, he told me there were 2 fires burning, one to the east & one to the west.  Still don’t know what was burning east, but west became a nightmare.  At dusk when watching the huge smoke plume, approx 6 pm, we took a drive to find out what was happening.  We only got 5-6 miles before the smoke was so thick we couldn’t see, that’s when the firefighters turned us back.  I took what photos I could but no flames were close enough for me to get, the smoke was bad enough and we got nervous.  With winds howling and headed to our town, where our home is the first house on the west edge of town, we headed home to prepare for the worst.

Richard made several calls to local friends and found that the fire was HUGE and Bucyrus, 9 m west, was in trouble.  No one knew the extent of it yet but warnings for our evacuation were pending.  Fire crews had been sent in from as far away as Montana and Rapid City, SD (200 m south).  Flames were reported at 40′ high.  We called parents so they were aware of the situation, and our neighbor friend Marlene to arrange to pick her up if we had to evacuate.  From our second floor bathroom and hallway west facing windows we saw the fire crews had shut off Hwy 12 W right at our town edge.  Only a couple hundred yards from our house.  Too close for comfort.  We made our plans on what we would grab if needed.  Our nerves shot, the late hour and maddeningly incessant  howling wind, drove us to bed in exhaustion.

Tossed and turned and finally got up at 3:30, our usual hour anyway, and got the news the fire has been mostly contained.  It’s 6:30 am now, still dark outside so we wait for news of how much of Bucyrus is gone and what is still burning.  Winds are predicted to grow even stronger through today and finally subside late tonight.

We pray for those who lost property, sentimental belongings, family homes, precious photos.  We thank God for our own safety and our beautiful town being spared.  We thank God for saying “No” when we prayed and begged for the farmhouse on 6 acres in Bucyrus we wanted so badly earlier this year.  Now we know why He said no.

Further updates and daylight photos when available.

So much going on…

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Here it is Friday, October 5th.  Had a little time to catch everyone up – so here are some of the more recent happenings.  Allow me to preface this with, I had a health issue that started Sat. Sept. 15th, landed me in the hospital on Wednesday the 19th.  I was down until Wed. Oct. 3rd.  Much better now but it was an awful couple of weeks…  Want to say a special thank you with so much love to my Dad Paul, “sister” Carol & bestie Vikki for understanding my not sending birthday wishes that last week of September – I slept coma-like through the entire week.

The photos I’ve posted are the most recent I have.  I realized when choosing what to post, that I have a habit of shooting what we’re working on as we do it, but not taking any of the actual finished space.  I’ll do that for the next post.  The house is looking very nice.  The first floor is almost complete and the 2nd floor is done but for the master bed and the bath floor.  The heat was installed a couple of weeks ago and the gas company FINALLY came and hooked us up at the street and connected to the new furnace day before yesterday (the last day of my feeling really awful, was a joy, as the new heat warmed up the house and the first snow of the season was falling outside).

The photos are of many things; repairing front porch windows, opening up an area of the front porch to turn into a coat closet and our newly renovated walk-in closet on 2nd floor.  Richard borrowed a man-lift from a friend and has trimmed the trees that used to hang over the house, so they no longer scrape the shingles off in the blustery plains wind.  The rest are some local are photos; a friends farm of over 7,000 acres, another friend’s farm where Richard & I went to pick up his trailer and we got a flat tire!  Poor Richard, laying in a field surrounded by 1,000’s of acres of beauty fixing a flat while I stalked deer in the brush.  Then there’s an antelope I shot through my windshield on a trip to Bismarck, the grainery across the road to the East and the lake across the street from our home at sunset and the geese flying over the lake.  Did I mention how much we love living here?  We have surely found our place on this Earth…

We’re Moving In This Weekend!!!

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Hooray!  Thank God for B & C Plumbing out of Lemmon, ND.  They surprised us with a call on Thursday morning, Aug 23rd saying they could start the job THAT DAY 🙂  Yes!  They worked like dogs, were sweet, professional, did an amazing job and wrapped up the following Thursday, finishing at 7pm.  Running water, flushing toilets, every inch of line brand new.  We are thrilled.  At the same time, Richard was running electrical, I was assisting everyone who needed a hand and cleaning and packing boxes.  The last 2 weeks have been VERY hectic, but the time has come to move into our new forever home.  The consensus is, it will be much less stressful if we live in the home we’re working on.  Going back and forth is too much and keeping both houses clean and leaving the dogs for such long stretched of time is just too much on us all.  These pictures don’t show the progress we’ve made…We have all the first floor lights and outlets in, all the plaster dust is gone, floors are beautiful (not perfect but clean and pretty shiny), living room window has been taken out and replaced with wall so we can mount the TV there, the stud walls are now real walls, leather on the living room side & white bead board on the entry side,first floor bath is clean with amazing old style tub faucet, new toilet and pedestal sink and new ceiling going in this weekend.  The kitchen is spotless and we are ready to be there full time.  We think of it as “comfy camping”.

We’ll move our few remaining things tomorrow and Richard’s friend Cory will help move the appliances on Sunday.  Next week I’ll do the last thorough cleaning on this house and lock it up until it sells.

Life now begins anew 🙂

Terry & Jeni Visit ND :)


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Okay, okay, I know…It’s been 2 months since my last post and Terry & Jeni were here and in Bowman on July 29th, here it is Sept. 7th and I’m just getting to this post.  What can I say…we’ve been busy.  I’d apologize but then I say to myself; “Hey, it’s not like anyone else I know posts or sends us pictures and keeps us updated.”  Self-guilt abated.  You all know Richard and I have been working like mad on 2 houses and have had NO free time at all.  When I do get a minute to myself, I simply don’t have the energy to sort, resize and post pictures and type up all that’s been going on.   I have taken over 1,000 photos and manage to load them from camera to computer with all good intention of posting, but that time thing….

So, back to the post of our wonderful but too short time with Terry & Jeni.  They are always on the move, touring around in their RV and made a quick stop here with family in late July.  We all enjoyed a wonderful afternoon at Nancy & Terry’s place.  Steaks on the grill, more delicious food than any of us deserve and the love and laughter of family.  They were just the excuse we all needed to take a day off and spend some much needed down time together.

Happy & safe travels wherever the roads lead you!

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