A guide to a constantly changing life through photography.

Big Trip to Bismarck (March 10, 2012)

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With the forecast of a gorgeous day ahead, and all our fencing ordered and paid for in advance, we leave the house at 6am and begin the 150 mile, each way, trip to Lowe’s in Bismarck.  Of course, since we want to spend every cent we have on stuff other than food, I planned ahead and baked pepperoni calzones and pumpkin/banana muffins for the trip.  I filled up the cooler with drinks, calzones, and other goodies and off we went.  Trusty camera battery charged and laying by my side, we drive and watch the scenery.  I am always amazed at this incredible land.  So open, rugged, raw.  So much sky.  We talk of times this land has seen, we talk of the new oil boom as each truck passes, laden heavy with pipeline, pumps, whatever they use.  We pass rigs pumping in the middle of beautiful, natural farms.  Such a diverse land, rich with black gold.

We make a few stops along the way, pass over the Missouri River, spend hours shopping, new bedspread, new BBQ grill, kitchen light fixture and towel bar.  Richard takes me to the bead supply shop I’d been drooling over for months.  I buy nothing but do have a mental list, maybe a mental problem?  We spend an hour with the guys at Lowe’s, loading fence guts onto our trailer.  Did you know, on an 80 degree day in March in North Dakota,  it takes 5 guys to load a trailer?  I didn’t either.  But we laughed about it – any excuse to be out when temps are 30+ degrees above normal.

The trip home was even lovelier than the drive out.  The sun is hot, we are overjoyed the dogs will finally have their fence.  I worked the books and upcoming funds to accommodate Richard’s new dream grill that is riding so quietly home.  We see pheasants and hawks and so many cows and sheep, all enjoying the day.  I’ve taken photos, of course.  Of nothing in particular but to me they are priceless as they are a record of our life.  One moment caught was when Richard stopped at a rest area by a large lake to adjust the trailer load, one part of the lake was still frozen and a group of people were out on it with their dog.  They were throwing something for the dog to run and retrieve…a moment in someone’s life, oblivious they were being observed through a 300mm lens, recorded, laughed with at their love of this place, this day, this moment.  That I brought them home to remember and to share with you.


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