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Let the Fencing Begin!

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Well, here it is, already the 17th of March.  Our weather has been glorious, like most of the rest of the country.  For us it is a welcome change, as it affords us the opportunity to get so much accomplished in our new setting.  As you know, last weekend we traveled to far away Bismarck to pick up our fence materials, as well as some other unplanned for, but much hoped for, goodies.  The week of beautiful weather flew by and now it is once again Saturday.  Richard is at work this morning, so I am catching up and prepping everything for noon – his arrival.  He brought home a bobcat skidsteer with scraping bucket and large auger.  It will be used to help level ground and to dig the holes for the fence posts.  I am so anxious as it’s a real sign of spring for us.  We have anticipated this since our arrival, now more than 6 months ago.  Last night we measured out and marked each hole spot so we can commence digging as soon as he gets home.

Yesterday was a balmy 83 degrees with bright sunshine.  I took the afternoon to drive to South Dakota for a bit of indulgent shopping.  I needed dish soap, and that to me is just as good a reason for getting out as anything.  Packed up my camera and soda and cigs and out into the warmth I went.  This land is so beautiful, I can never get enough of it.  Just driving and looking across the open prairie fills me.  I made many stops, took photos, walked/hiked a bit and shopped at my favorite little thrift shop.  $2.00 bag sale – yay!  I filled 2 bags plus found a super cool bedspread, giant hot pink flowers with lime green leaves!  Oh, it’s fabulous!  And all for $6.36.  A bargain – I am so thrifty…hahaha.  On my way home, I stopped at a small lake that has these few bare trees growing up in it, I think it’s just floodwater but it’s a decent size…anyway, beyond it is open farmland and it always draws my attention, so I stopped to shoot it.  With camera in hand I begin walking.  I came across fur, yup, fur.  I realized it’s coyote and there are BIG hunks of it.  Well, you know me, I go back to the Jeep and empty out one of the bags from my shopping venture and go back to where the fur is.  With visions of jewelry and art projects in mind, I walk around and pick up all I can find.  Weirdest thing is, no bones.  Not one.  Not even a small piece, and believe me, I looked.  I must have walked with head down over an acre of cornfield trying to find the skull but there was nothing there.  Hmmmmm.  Took the fur back to the car and then did my photo shoot.  I was in a black & white mood as everything was so blue and yellow…we all know what it looks like that way – I wanted to express something else – another side.  So…here it is.  And yes, I even got my dish soap 🙂


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