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Fence Posts Are In!

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Of course the weather was gorgeous last Saturday & Sunday (just like this entire week).  Mid 80’s in ND in March.  Why not?  Great for putting in new fence.  Neighbor Josh came over at 11am when Richard got out of work and they got right to removing trees, limbs and brush.  Hauling & stacking it into the middle of the yard and out of the way.  Neighbor Marlene came by along with Josh’s girl Amber & their 3 kids.  Kids built gravel castles in our walkway while we 3 “ladies” talked.  Sun was hot so they went about their way and I moved on to cleaning brush and flowerbeds.  The Bobcat was priceless in removing trees and adding on the auger bit saved much time and backache for digging the 40 post holes.  Once they were dug, the boys attached the scoop and filled, load after load, with pea gravel to put in the holes.  In ND you don’t use concrete as the frozen ground will lift it out in winter, so gravel is the thing here.  Good thing too as it saved us a couple hundred dollars – yay!  Around 5 or so, it was just so hot and all were tired so that was that.  I made dinner on the grill and we called it a day.

Sunday it was just Richard and I doing the work.  We work great together and had all the posts set by 2:30. Then the clean-up phase ensued…  We worked until sundown and dragged our completely sunburned selves in for a bowl of ice cream for dinner, a shower and bed.  Lights out.

Monday Richard went to work and one of the guys there told him to take the big trailer home, load all the brush on it and he’d burn it out in his field the next morning.  So, that evening we loaded up all the brush and trees and pulled it out of the yard and onto the trailer.  I raked and shoveled Bobcat tracks and wheel-barrowed the small stuff until it was pretty, pretty.  Richard took it away at 6:30am and I was left to shovel and wheelbarrow the dirt from the holes and add it into low spots in the yard and raking all level.

During all of these days, the dogs spent watching and wondering what the hell was going on.  Buddy wouldn’t move out of the truck for 2 days in fear Richard was going to leave him.  PaddyCake just enjoyed being out not caring at all about Bobcats running, augers digging and chainsaws cutting.  Once Richard gets the tops of the posts cut to proper height, he’ll mark where he wants the stringers run and I will do those during the day while he’s at work.  I am so happy and the dogs think these monuments in the yard are interesting.  Buddy just likes to pee on them.  Just wait until they realize they don’t have to be on a leash anymore 🙂


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  1. Ed Smelly

    The other reason why i don’t use concrete to set posts is because you don’t want water collecting around the bottoms of the posts either.

    March 24, 2012 at 5:24 am

    • Absolutely. Some neighbors of ours came by a few days ago and asked how we set ours. They had used concrete and it rotted their posts at ground level. All that hard work. Thank goodness the guys at R’s job said to use the pea gravel !

      March 24, 2012 at 9:42 am

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