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Latest on the Fence Progress

So it’s Monday morning and  at 9:30am I am still in flannel pants and sweatshirt, sitting at my computer, checking mail, facebook, pinterest and eating oatmeal, chocolate chip cookies with PaddyCake.  Yeah, he insists on having some!  All food portions around here must be divisible by 5; me, 3 dogs & PaddyCake.  At least it makes it easier to watch portions this way.

Need motivation but alas, it’s not here yet.  WAIT!  I have motivation, the motivation to do exactly what I am doing, which is almost nothing.  My solitude was delightfully interrupted by a call from mom 🙂  Love mom, cozy and happy in her beautifully gardened CA home.  Checking in on our fence progress.  I told her to read the blog, hahaha!

OK, fence progress.  Richard the amazing, and I worked on it again all weekend.  The weather was disappointingly cold and VERY windy.  Bummer.  Onward we went.  After taking about an hour to figure out how we want the strapping, running boards, whatever, to run, it practically built itself. The issue we were faced with was; the ground is not level, do you level each board with same spacing between each or do you let them run with the contour of the ground?  We decided to divide the two, top boards run with the ground and middle & lowest boards run level.  It is looking sooo good.  It will still be 2 more weekends until it’s complete, as we have another 136 feet to strap and board then build one 12′ gate, one 5′ gate and one 4′ gate, plus, we think we will be shy about 15 boards so that requires a trip to the oh-so-far-away Bismarck Lowe’s.  But 2 weeks is a cake walk after the 7 months the poor dogs have been leashed when outside.  The light has been turned on at the end of the tunnel and the name is dog-eared fence.

Here’s a few pics of it as it is now.  Picture if you will, a yard, fully fenced, 3 happy, playing dogs, sweet kittycake rolling in the grass watching birds, me gardening, veggies, flowers, fruits.  Lilacs, cherry, apple & peach trees.  Blueberry bushes heavy with fruit.  Picture a picnic table and neighbors enjoying good conversation and food from the garden & grill.  We wish you were here!


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