A guide to a constantly changing life through photography.

Cooking, Creating, Inventing. Otherwise known as REALLY LIVING.

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I admit it, I love to cook.  Get me in the kitchen and turn me loose and don’t forget to loosen your waistband, because I’m going to feed you.  If the recipe calls for bread dough, I make my own.  If it says to use a teaspoon of this, I add a tablespoon.  I like zest, flavor, jump up and bite me deliciousness.  I MUST gild the lily, I simply cannot leave anything alone.  I make tortillas, pizza doughs, monkey bread with homemade caramel and just because I can, I add chopped up apples, lots of cinnamon and nutmeg and allspice.  There’s no stopping me.  Shrimp comes with avocado and cherry tomatoes, blanched green beans and fire-roasted tomatoes – yes they are grown in the garden and I roast them on the grill with lots of olive oil.  Since moving to our loveland of North Dakota, the garden is not up and running yet so I am buying canned – but soon enough the veggies will be pouring in and I will be canning and preserving.  That makes me think of apple butter, peach butter, fresh salsa and chutneys…  Will my passions never end?  I think not.  Why stop when I can come up with something as fabulous as double cherry cheesecake with sour cream topping topped with crushed vanilla wafers soaked in butter?  OH!  Did I mention home made pasta and ravioli!  Silky heaven in your mouth.  I love to create, doesn’t matter if it’s with food, beads, paint, glitter, sewing, lace, leather, photography, decoupage (yes, with MY photographs) or designing the paint on my fingernails, I love to create.  Don’t stop me, you never know what you may miss out on!


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