A guide to a constantly changing life through photography.

Spring (and LOVE) are in the air.

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So, last Monday was a busy one.  Richard had to work so I drove the sunny Hummer to Bowman to have it’s spare key programmed.  Yes, you read right, programmed.  It’s all computer so there I was, driving 80 miles to get a key.  After completing that sweet task, I took a left on Rt. 22 and headed to Dickinson, a short 75 mile each way jaunt.  The weather was hot and windy, sky blue with perfect photo clouds and still early enough to have flattering light to do a bit of photo work.  I stopped at my old favorite first and did some walking through the wheat fields.  Knowing I was doing landscape work I took off my telephoto lens and put on my wide angle.  As soon as I got out of Sunny, I hike the 75′ up the drive to the farm and am greeted by a huge hawk!  Damn!  I wish I left on my telephoto!  I get as close as I can shooting while edging closer, but off he flies.  I turn to go back to the landscapes and another hawk swoops right over me!  UGH!!!  Why didn’t I leave on the tele???  Oh well, again grab what I can and move on.

Next, I stopped at a new place, an abandoned farmstead I had been anxious to be near with good light and luxurious time on my hands.  Today was the day.  I pulled in and just roamed and poked and shot, a feeling of complete peace and tranquility as I imagined the family that used to work the land, what it looked like in it’s day – who were they,  where did they go and why?  All I knew for certain is I liked the way it felt.  I left there with all of my hopes for a good photo day fulfilled and now had to get moving to make Dickinson and still be home before my sweet hubby got home from work.  Lots of driving yet to do.

Singing along to the radio, hair blowing in the wind, I spot a beautiful horse in a field to my right.  He’s galloping up a worn path at his fence side about 25 yards, then turning and coming back.  By the time I pull over and stop he is still following this same path, over and over again.  I get out, thanking God for the opportunity to happen upon a horse that is doing something visual, not just head down and grazing!  I climb the embankment and pull my camera up and begin to shoot.  He is so handsome, big, strong and mane flying.  I can feel his hoofs stomping the ground.  He is alive!  Now I am really wondering what’s got him so worked up, knowing it’s not me as he seems to care less about my appearance so close to him.  I turn and look off down the field and there are 2 other horses.  “That explains it”, I think, “someone else near his territory”.  I reposition and begin to shoot the pair down the hill.  All of a sudden, they spot me.  One comes galloping up the hill, over the crest and gallops right in front of me toward the first, alone horse.  I start laughing to myself and think, “Yes fool, it is spring, love is in the air”.  I take another 200 photos and climb back in my Sunny and travel on to Dickinson.  A day complete already.

I do hope you are all enjoying your spring time.  With dreams fulfilled, hopes still itching, plans to be made and wishes to come true.  Summer will be here soon!  What plans are you making?


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  1. Vikki

    Your writing is superb and the photos are gloriously invigorating to me!!!! Thank you so much for sharing your life with me!!!!!

    April 28, 2012 at 6:30 pm

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