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House Remodel continued

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So, it’s been a while since my last post and there’s so much news!  That, of course, is the main deterrent to me posting anything in a timely fashion, just too busy and when I do finally get “down-time”, I’m recovering.

As some will know and most won’t, I’ve been having a bad time with my back.  About 3 weeks ago now, I dislocated a rib in my back, letting itself be known as I was carrying in groceries from the car.  I had just gotten on the porch and all of a sudden there was searing pain and a LOUD crack and pop.  I went down in tears, like a sack of potatoes.  Long story short, I was rendered useless.  Richard put me on bed/couch rest and then the 3 day, Memorial Day, weekend came.  Time for the trip to Bismarck for new window purchase.  I was happy for the ride and to be out all day!   We spent all Friday shopping for windows and kitchen counter stuff.  Pure joy!  Saturday, Richard spent the day ripping out the old sink and counter and installing all new wares.  Once he had those in, he decided to go to our local hardware store and get new under cabinet lights.  The old ones drove him crazy because at 4:00 am, he hated being blinded by the “in your face” under cabinet fluorescent strips we had.  So, Sunday was spent running new electrical, adding in switches and hard-wiring the new small lights.  Better lighting and easier on/off.  Sweet!  Now all that’s left in the kitchen, besides the window, is painting the cabinets.  We’ve chosen a beautiful, light gray.  The knobs and pulls will be simple, flat black metal.  We already have the paint but can’t paint yet as we still need to get new hinges before the cabinets can be taken apart, painted and then put back together.  We are hoping it will all be complete in the next few weeks.

The next week, Richard had an appointment on Friday for a sorely needed eye exam and new glasses fitting.  We drove to Dickinson early and got his eyes done, got hugs and hello’s from cousin Dee Dee, did a bit of shopping at Walmart and came home early afternoon.  You know Richard, sitting is NOT in his personality so…he started tearing out a window.  You know, just so he could see how it was going to go together for the new ones being installed.  HA!!!  I sat on the couch giggling while he de-constructed.  Tired hit, he covered up the raw opening (gaping hole in the wall) with plywood and off to bed we went.  Saturday morning, not only did he have the entire procedure in his mind’s eye, but he did a FABULOUS job!  New window and A/C installed with the large, front picture window getting replaced on Sunday.  The man is magic, I mean it.  So gifted.   On Tuesday I painted the outside trim now that the back is healing.  We are anxious for this weekend to come so all the living room windows will be complete!  2 down and 7 to go.  In 2 months time all the windows will be done and A/C installed in 2 rooms (they’ll cool the whole house).

The pets just lay around and look at us like we’re crazy.

The rest of these 2 weeks has been Richard at work and doing small projects in the evening.  I’ve been maintaining the garden a bit when able but not much else as healing is top priority if I want to be helping in more fun things this summer (like home renovations!).  I’ve also joined an online group for people with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (my disease).  I’ve had lots of not fun things happening lately and since they seem to be piling up, I felt the need to talk with others who have similar issues and see what they’re doing about it.  I’m so happy I joined though because I have found 2 VERY interesting women there.  One is a lovely, funny, brilliant, talented and interesting young woman who lives in Germany.  We are so alike.  There’s just a quality about her that draws me in and wants to know her.  She’s the same age as my nieces and it’s such a pleasure to have someone with EDS that I can actually talk to and laugh and joke and bitch about it with.  The other woman, Mary, is an artist who lives in Paris, TX.  She’s doing a show on EDS.  She’s a painter and I’m going to be in an exhibit she’s doing.  She’s taking all info; how I feel about having EDS, medical history, the one word which best describes me (GRATITUDE), attitudes during time since diagnosis and present, how we live with it, yada, yada, yada…  After weeks of perusal of my files and photographs, writing the letter about my life with EDS and gathering all requested info, I have put together a fabulous package and am mailing it tomorrow!  She will then take my portrait and the other info and make them into a collage.  I’ve seen some examples of her work and they are really beautiful.  She’s doing 24 different people, herself as one as she also has EDS, and is going to exhibit them at different galleries to raise awareness about EDS.

Well, that’s all going on here.  Life continues to be good despite the health issues and we are happy as clams.  Hoping you all are well and happy and having wonderful summers!


7 responses

  1. Vikki

    Thank you for the catch up. I am sorry I have been “out of touch”. Just a little while longer as I sort through some new issues I am dealing with.
    You are amazing with your ability to overcome and succeed with a smile in your heart! So glad you found the support group and your new friends.
    Talk to you soon hopefully. I will call you.
    Love to all, Vik

    June 6, 2012 at 5:25 pm

    • Hi Vik! Things here are hectic to say the least but we do continue to love & laugh through it all. We thank God for each step along our journey. Re my health and ability to overcome, I simply have no choice, as falling apart and being miserable at it just isn’t an option, nor is it in my nature. Life is a precious gift and I appreciate every day 🙂 We love you soooo much xoxoxoo!!!

      June 7, 2012 at 8:51 am

  2. Laura

    Glad for the update, Les. Ive been wondering about you. We need to properly catch up soon!

    June 12, 2012 at 9:29 am

  3. Randy Anderson

    I am so proud of my big brother! And quite jealous of his mad skills i might add. It’s really no fair that y’all moved so far away. I have a lot of home projects that could be completed in a matter of a few weekends if he lived closer! I love you guys and miss you.


    June 15, 2012 at 1:20 pm

    • Oh Randy, we miss all of you too! You know there’s nothing Richard and I would like more than to be able to help you with your projects. You each have such special skills and together you are a formidable team. Keep us updated on what’s going on in Nashville and we’ll keep you posted with ND progress! Kiss the kids for us and our love to all of you xoxox

      July 3, 2012 at 3:57 pm

  4. Ed Smelly

    That’s weird. The RSS feed didn’t tell me about this post.
    Technology sucks.

    July 4, 2012 at 5:12 am

    • yup, but you & I would be lost without it 😉 Hey, I just thought, am I supposed to “turn on” RSS ability? I am clueless about it.

      July 7, 2012 at 5:16 pm

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