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4th of July 2012, Hettinger, ND

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Happy 4th of July everyone!!!!!  We’re going to take you on a tour of our day.  Started out at 9am, off to West Plains, Inc – Richard’s work – to warm up the Quadtrac 550, he was driving and I was riding along, in the town parade.  Cory, another of the mechanics at WPI & Richard’s friend, drove one of the combines in the parade.  At 9:30 we all left to sign up and get our line placement, schedule and route for the parade.  Parade started at 11:00.  We were 6th in line, parade went down the length of Main St in the center of town.   The specific people shots are people we know, are friends with and work with.  All wonderful souls!   The parade route photos you see are Main St in it’s entirety.  It’s 6 blocks long and turns to dirt one block up on the North end, which is  the edge of town, and going South (direction parade is traveling) crosses Hwy 12, 4 blocks south of the dirt, continues another block and ends at the railroad tracks.  That’s it, all of Hettinger!  The parade route is obvious because of all the folks lined up watching the parade.  The other store photos you see are the West side of town; Jack N Jill grocery and Runnings Hardware, as well as a couple looking East & West on Hwy 12.  Yes, Hwy 12 is only 2 lanes wide in each direction and the top speed limit is 25 mph.  Small, and lovely, town USA, where all of our dreams are coming true 🙂

After the parade, Richard drove us to a dirt lot at the railroad and turned over the controls to me!  He talked me through the operation of the Quadtrac and away I went.  At first I was nervous but quickly became comfortable and just drove!  Took us out of the lot, down a couple of streets and into the parking lot for WPI where I parked that big machine!  What a complete rush!  Richard has the single coolest job on the planet.  It’s custom made for him and he loves every single day there.

Next stop was home for dogs on the grill, potato salad and chips and a break.  At 8:00 pm we left with blanket and tools in hand to do a bit of work on the new home then watch fireworks.  Our only neighbor at the new home was outside so we got to meet him and 2 of his friends.  They were very nice and we’ll enjoy having him as a neighbor.  We did a bit of window work on the home and then laid out the blanket on our front yard curb and settled in watching everyone set off their fireworks.  The whole town sounded like a warzone as so many fireworks were being shot off at once.  At 10:00 pm the town display started.  Fantastic show and all quite easy for us to see as they were being shot off over Mirror Lake which is directly across the street from our new home!  We were comfy, no traffic and so happy with the love we feel for this town and it’s people who have welcomed us so openly.

We got back to 4th St home around 10:40 pm and Richard climbed right in bed.  Local resident fireworks finally stopped around 11:30 and the dogs finally calmed down and all went to sleep.  Buddy had immediately tucked in with Richard, and I couldn’t resist the over whelming love I have for my family, so I had to get that sweet photo of my boys sleeping after a very busy day.

We pray your lives are as filled with love and fond memories as ours are.  Happy 4th everyone!


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  1. Ed Smelly

    So what is that machine used for when it’s not a parade float?

    July 8, 2012 at 6:18 am

    • http://www.caseih.com/en_us/products/tractors/pages/steiger-quadtrac-4wd-tractors.aspx

      It specializes in really muddy areas, pulling extra large plows and planters which have air drills (a certain type of plow), they plow the field, apply pesticides & fertilizers, seed and anhydrous ammonia all at the same time. It’s a pulling machine – it’s what it pulls and that it does it in mucky fields that makes it special. It’s so strong it can literally rip another tractor in half. Also, Case machines which use diesel for fuel, have a patented exchanger which turns the emissions to hydrogen & water…so no dangerous emissions, which really burns John Deere’s butt 🙂 Oh, John Deere also tried to make a quadtrac after seeing how great Case made theirs and Case sued and won as they hold the patent on the Quad. Deere made a bi trac afterwards but it’s not as good because Case’s has a nice tight turning radius and the deere turns like a tank…

      July 8, 2012 at 6:36 pm

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