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Terry & Jeni Visit ND :)


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Okay, okay, I know…It’s been 2 months since my last post and Terry & Jeni were here and in Bowman on July 29th, here it is Sept. 7th and I’m just getting to this post.  What can I say…we’ve been busy.  I’d apologize but then I say to myself; “Hey, it’s not like anyone else I know posts or sends us pictures and keeps us updated.”  Self-guilt abated.  You all know Richard and I have been working like mad on 2 houses and have had NO free time at all.  When I do get a minute to myself, I simply don’t have the energy to sort, resize and post pictures and type up all that’s been going on.   I have taken over 1,000 photos and manage to load them from camera to computer with all good intention of posting, but that time thing….

So, back to the post of our wonderful but too short time with Terry & Jeni.  They are always on the move, touring around in their RV and made a quick stop here with family in late July.  We all enjoyed a wonderful afternoon at Nancy & Terry’s place.  Steaks on the grill, more delicious food than any of us deserve and the love and laughter of family.  They were just the excuse we all needed to take a day off and spend some much needed down time together.

Happy & safe travels wherever the roads lead you!


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