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So much going on…

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Here it is Friday, October 5th.  Had a little time to catch everyone up – so here are some of the more recent happenings.  Allow me to preface this with, I had a health issue that started Sat. Sept. 15th, landed me in the hospital on Wednesday the 19th.  I was down until Wed. Oct. 3rd.  Much better now but it was an awful couple of weeks…  Want to say a special thank you with so much love to my Dad Paul, “sister” Carol & bestie Vikki for understanding my not sending birthday wishes that last week of September – I slept coma-like through the entire week.

The photos I’ve posted are the most recent I have.  I realized when choosing what to post, that I have a habit of shooting what we’re working on as we do it, but not taking any of the actual finished space.  I’ll do that for the next post.  The house is looking very nice.  The first floor is almost complete and the 2nd floor is done but for the master bed and the bath floor.  The heat was installed a couple of weeks ago and the gas company FINALLY came and hooked us up at the street and connected to the new furnace day before yesterday (the last day of my feeling really awful, was a joy, as the new heat warmed up the house and the first snow of the season was falling outside).

The photos are of many things; repairing front porch windows, opening up an area of the front porch to turn into a coat closet and our newly renovated walk-in closet on 2nd floor.  Richard borrowed a man-lift from a friend and has trimmed the trees that used to hang over the house, so they no longer scrape the shingles off in the blustery plains wind.  The rest are some local are photos; a friends farm of over 7,000 acres, another friend’s farm where Richard & I went to pick up his trailer and we got a flat tire!  Poor Richard, laying in a field surrounded by 1,000’s of acres of beauty fixing a flat while I stalked deer in the brush.  Then there’s an antelope I shot through my windshield on a trip to Bismarck, the grainery across the road to the East and the lake across the street from our home at sunset and the geese flying over the lake.  Did I mention how much we love living here?  We have surely found our place on this Earth…


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  1. Jeni and Terry

    Hey, A very nice posting. Sorry to hear about your recent health battle, but glad to hear that you are better. Thanks again for keeping us up to date. Love, Jeni tha Terry

    October 6, 2012 at 8:01 pm

    • Thanks so much 🙂 Regarding my health battle, after 3 weeks I’m finally feeling “like me” again. Yet, no matter what is happening we are always happy and feeling so blessed. May your travels be safe and filled with love & laughter. We’ll see you next time! Love you both xoxo

      October 18, 2012 at 6:49 am

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