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Thanksgiving 2012 with Rochelle

After my big shopping venture to Dickinson for all of the Thanksgiving dinner supplies, Rochelle showed up on Tuesday the 20th, 3:30 pm.  We all had a wonderful several days.  Wednesday, Richard went to work as usual and Rochelle and I baked all day.  Cookies, pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce with dark, sweet cherries, on & on.  Thursday morning we got up early, me at 1 am, Richard at 3:30, Rochelle at 6:30.  Cooking was already well underway and our phenomenal 22 lb. turkey went in at 9:30.  The house smelled so good as we cooked side dishes, made deviled eggs and picked on all the goodies until time to actually eat.  Richard went to pick up Marlene at 3:00 and we all bustled around getting everything to come together at the same time.  We filled the dining table with our blessed meal and enjoyed a fabulous feast.

Friday we went to work with Richard part of the day.  It was pretty relaxed and he was decorating a tractor for he and Rochelle to drive in the Christmas parade in town that evening.  Rochelle also went on some errands with me and got to experience our gracious and friendly town.  I hope she liked our sweet life here 🙂  At 5:15 pm, Richard & Rochelle left to line up for the parade.  I picked up Marlene and we drove over to Main Street and joined the crowd for fireworks at 5:45, tree lighting at 6 and parade right afterwards.  As Richard and Rochelle came past I knew Rochelle was loving it, her smile beaming and waving at the kids!  It warmed my heart to watch her with her big brother in that huge tractor.  She was glowing brighter than that big town tree!

Saturday we went to Bowman to visit with family there.  Started the trip buying a Christmas Tree from the boy scouts and a stand at Alco.  On to Nancy’s, then out to Chris and Dan’s, followed by a trip to Uncle Oscar’s farm (now Blaine’s place).  The guys were all ready to go pheasant hunting and the weather couldn’t have been better.  We got home just after dark and unloaded, shook out and brought in our tree.

Rochelle left Sunday morning after a breakfast of Belgian waffles and strawberries.  Had to get her on the road right didn’t I? After Rochelle was gone, Richard and I spent the day unpacking our Christmas bins and decorating the tree and house.  It looks so pretty with it’s country, Victorian touch to it.  The “kids” played with all the garland and ornaments and wore themselves out!  It was a great week with family, friends and lots of fun and laughter and we are surely blessed to have had such a feast.

Love and blessings to one and all –

A Note…I find myself aggravated because apparently WordPress has decided to change it’s posting abilities and only offers photo gallery style posts now, no more slideshows!  I am bummed.  I liked the neat appearance of the slideshow feature.  UGH….Sigh….  Gallery style uses so much page space.  😦


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